Heart & Brain Center Göttingen

Heart-Brain-Center Göttingen Eingang

Heart & Brain Center Göttingen

Translational Research with Heart and Mind

HDR was awarded first prize and the contract for the new Heart & Brain Center Göttingen (HBCG) which brings together cardiovascular medicine and neurosciences research in one translational research facility at the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG).

The building creates a joint research infrastructure for the scientific processing of cross-organ causes of common diseases of the cardiovascular system and the nervous system. This translational interaction between cardiovascular and neurological researchers makes it possible to understand disease mechanisms and to develop prevention and therapy procedures. This type of translational capability does not currently exist at any other research location in Germany. 

The HBCG building site is located on the UMG campus in the immediate vicinity of the main building of the university hospital which has cardiological and neurological facilities. The new building will contain common cell and molecular biological laboratories, areas for the study of test persons, innovative large devices as well as offices, seminar and conference rooms.

The building is designed as a compact triple alliance and has a total of four floors from the basement to the second floor. In the basement there are the microscopy rooms for the STED and the fluorescence microscope, as well as central storage and technical rooms. The ground floor is reserved for test subjects with a reception and lounge area and medical laboratories. In addition to research laboratories, there is also office space on the first floor. A seminar and conference area connected by an open stairwell are planned on the second floor in order to provide additional spaces for sharing knowledge and collaboration.

The duality of the two focal points "Heart" and "Brain" is visible on the outside of the facade. It is represented by elements that emerge from the facade in two directions. The change in their alignment leads to an overall form that is harmonious and rhythmic. The design element of the slats can also be read inside the building in the public areas.

Heart-Brain-Center Göttingen Eingang
University Medical Center Göttingen