Interstate Highway 40 Widening

Interstate 40 Aerial

Interstate Highway 40 Widening

The most congested interchange in Asheville, North Carolina, needed a redesign. The section of Interstate Highway 40 between N.C. Highway 1224 (Monte Vista Road) and the Interstate Highway 240/Interstate Highway 26 interchange experienced extreme daily congestion. It prompted North Carolina Department of Transportation to hire the design-build team of HDR | ICA and Taylor & Murphy Construction Co. to correct the capacity issues.

As our team brainstormed the design, we first considered that there were two types of motorists contributing to the congestion:

  1. Local motorists coming from Smokey Park Highway, which connects I-40 to the local high-density population in the surrounding area. 
  2. Interstate drivers passing through for commerce and travel.

Our goal was to improve traffic flow and operational functions. We designed improvements along the I-40 corridor, including replacement of four bridges. We constructed auxiliary lanes and structures to improve the safety and mobility for I-40 motorists.

Widening Smokey Park Highway relieved congestion for local residents and improved access to nearby businesses.

Clearance for roadways became an issue when the lengthened overpass structures required a deeper beam. This required our engineers to raise the grade of I-40 over Smokey Park Highway to meet a 17-foot-clearance requirement. To accommodate construction of the raised grade, we developed a sophisticated traffic-control scheme focused on phased construction of the bridges and staged construction.

A key feature of the project consisted of a series of custom noise walls with patterns of foliage throughout the façade. This aesthetic design captured the beauty of the mountains and the persona of Asheville.

Interstate 40 Aerial
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