John & Carmen Gottschalk Founder’s Room

Holland Performing Arts Founders Room

John & Carmen Gottschalk Founder’s Room

Celebrating Light, Artistry and Sound in a Vibrant Donor Lounge

The John & Carmen Gottschalk Founder's Room renovation was designed to celebrate the Holland Performing Art Center’s 10-year anniversary as a home for world-class artistry. The project reactivates what was once a 3,000-square‐foot under-utilized formal space into an inviting lounge for donors, and complements the center’s sleek urban modernism. Guests now socialize comfortably in one of several intimate seating areas or while perched at the sleek bar.

Linear architectural elements and Platner furnishings finished in rich neutral hues and exotic wood tones emphasize the lounge’s timeless appeal. A light fixture inspired by the dynamic properties of a sound wave honors Holland’s finely engineered acoustics and gives life to the space by serving as a visually stimulating focal point. Clear, polished acrylic rods symbolize the invisible force of sound and, when lit, embody the Omaha Performing Arts’ vision to create a vibrant destination for extraordinary experiences that engage, inspire and connect.

Architectural lighting details include:  

  • The Custom built 8’X32’ black acrylic box conceals the 384 Trax-On LED lights.
  • Custom built metal frame is divided in two sections, and hoisted from the structure above. 384 Polished acrylic rods are fastened within the box, and are directly adjacent to the LED lighting source.
  • The light itself is divided into 12 sections, with each section holding 12 lights and rods; each section is removable by folding the side panel down, and sliding the panel out.
  • The custom bar is finished in speckled White Quartz, and black lacquer finish to provide a sleek and clean modern look.
Holland Performing Arts Founders Room
Holland Performing Arts Center

Omaha, NE
United States

3,000 sf (300 m²)


IDEA Honor Awards, Winner (2018)
Finishes Category
International Interior Design Association - Great Plains Chapter
Illumination Awards, Merit Recipient (2017)
Illuminating Engineering Society, Omaha Section