Maspeth Truck Impact Reduction Study

Truck under a bridge in Maspeth

Maspeth Truck Impact Reduction Study

Maspeth, Queens is a growing industrial and residential hub of New York City where trucks move goods to, from and through the area. To ease congestion, the New York City Department of Transportation constructed the Maspeth Bypass to provide truckers a safe, standard path diverting residential neighborhoods. But truckers, now going against traffic laws, “bypassed the bypass” and reverted to the old direct local routes. HDR was brought in to deploy the latest transportation technology to help steer truckers back on the right track again.

We developed a multi-year, multi-phase Maspeth Truck Impact Reduction Study. It gives city officials a guideline to streamline truck traffic and improve neighborhood safety by using enforcement, signage, and revised street layouts and signal timings to reduce trucker journey time and delays. Our complex but straightforward plan exceeded client needs. For example, we proposed the use of innovative sensor- and camera-based Intelligent Transportation Systems for NYCDOT to identify and monitor trucks entering the area. This ITS application would photograph license plates, categorizing each truck and relaying this data to the state’s truck-monitoring system. It also could automatically indicate trucks taking illegal routes and then notify the New York Police Department. Such data also could be shared with NYCDOT for future road planning. This proposed ITS solution has yet to be procured and implemented.


In a transportation “first” for New York City, our plan offers a dedicated, permanent truck enforcement station. In fact, we successfully piloted the first ever temporary truck enforcement station with the coordination of NYPD. The wide-corridor, Flushing Avenue station location improves agent safety, maximizes compliance and minimizes impact on the local community. (For example, enforcement on narrow city streets was encroaching on premium parking.) At the same time, the plan offers NYCDOT officials a solution for those previously used, temporary locations.

We offered short- and long-range solutions to create a flexible plan that can apply to interstates and highways using designated lanes for trucks and other large vehicles. And our plan fine-tunes parking options in one of the world’s densest cities by suggesting a small cut in on-street parking to make streets safer to navigate overall. We also proposed changes to the Maspeth Bypass itself, such as restriped travel lanes, new parking stalls and designated unloading zones. It’s a “win-win” situation — bypass traffic is streamlined, truckers can safely offload their goods and Maspeth residents ultimately enjoy a better quality of life. 

In short, our team aimed to harness some technological wizardry so that New York City truckers could once again — more safely and efficiently — “follow the yellow brick road” via Maspeth Bypass.

Truck under a bridge in Maspeth
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