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Winona Bridge | Minnesota

Minnesota CRAVE

Spurred by the collapse of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, the Minnesota Department of Transportation was tasked with developing an improvement program for accelerating the repair and replacement of trunk highway bridges across the state. Twelve projects valued at $1.9 billion were selected for the program, including eleven major bridge projects and one roadway project. We were tasked with helping Mn/DOT develop and validate budgets and schedules in less than three months for presentation to the Minnesota Legislature.

We employed our Cost Risk Assessment and Value Engineering process for each of the 12 projects. CRAVE™ works by combining the tools and processes of a cost risk assessment with those of a streamlined value engineering process. We conducted all 12 CRAVE™ workshops, supplementing Mn/DOT’s staff and utilizing our subject matter experts to dramatically reduce the resources Mn/DOT needed to complete the job. At the conclusion of the workshops, project managers were provided a risk management plan and a self-modeling spreadsheet so they could continue to update the project risk profile as each project progressed.

This was the first time Mn/DOT had integrated cost risk assessment and value engineering. The CRAVE™ studies were a fiscal success. The qualitative rate of return, or savings due to the recommendations/cost of studies, is better than 500:1.


  • 2010 - Seven Wonders of Engineering Award, Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers
  • 2010 - Grand Award, American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota
  • 2010 - Most Value Added Proposal - Improved Process Award, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials'
Winona Bridge | Minnesota
Minnesota Department of Transportation

Minneapolis, MN
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