Richland County Program Management

Richland County Program Management

Richland County Program Management

Richland County is the epicenter of activity for South Carolina. It is home to the state’s capital city, Columbia, and the largest university in the state, University of South Carolina. It’s also home to recreation opportunities that bring people to the county each day. 

Due to a lack of state and federal transportation funds, the county’s infrastructure became inadequate. Instead of waiting for state or federal help, the county took it upon itself to solve its own infrastructure challenges. It proposed a $1.07 billion penny sales tax to ignite a revitalization of the county’s infrastructure. The referendum passed in 2012 with three focuses:  roadway, transit and bike/pedestrian/greenway improvements.

Prior to the passing of the referendum, HDR assisted local businesses in educating the public about transportation needs and the penny sales tax program. 

From 2014 until 2019, we were one of three members of a joint venture that managed the program. In particular, we were involved with roadway and bike/pedestrian/greenway improvements, accounting for $750 million. There were 10 additional firms that supported the team. Member firms and county transportation staff shared an office to encourage teamwork and collaboration on projects. 

Our employees served in roles of the program manager, construction manager and project managers. In addition, we performed a significant portion of the overall design.  

Richland County Program Management
Richland County

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