U.S. Courthouse Laredo

US Courthouse Laredo

U.S. Courthouse Laredo

Courthouse Reflects Historic Neighborhood Context

The United States Courthouse provided much needed expansion space for the district and magistrate courts and other related federal agencies, while also addressing the considerable security concerns that arose following the Oklahoma City bombing.

Distinctive Features:

  • The facility includes three basic functional elements: courtroom/judicial suites with court support spaces, court agencies office space, and lobby/entry screening components.
  •  Each functional grouping presents highly specialized requirements unique to their operations, yet also provides for safe and convenient internal linkages.
  •  Most notable of these groupings is the necessity to provide for three separate circulation systems for the public, defendants in custody, and a private zone for judges, juries, and staff.

The building was sited to respond to the rich architectural character of historic downtown and designed into a low, three-story mass to reflect the neighborhood context. The use of simple yet powerful monumental forms, elegantly detailed, express the permanence and dignity of the U.S. Court system.


US Courthouse Laredo
U.S. General Services Administration

Laredo, TX
United States

147,956 SF (13,746m²)