Wake County Detention Center, Phase 2 Expansion

Wake County Detention Center

Wake County Detention Center, Phase 2 Expansion

Consolidating and Innovating

A growing county recognized the need for an expanded facility. We worked with Little Diversified Architectural Consulting to deliver a new facility that consolidates detention services and activities that previously were located in three separate facilities, including booking, open intake, City/County Bureau of Identification, medical clinic and infirmary,  along with academic services, food service, laundry, and warehouse. With added, dedicated medical and mental health beds, the expansion improves efficiency and safety, while allowing for future expansion in an environment that minimizes environmental impact.

The multi-use facility incorporates the role of identification in booking and open intake screening, as well as administration space and forensic labs, creating an efficient and safe criminal justice facility that is innovative, responsible and forward-thinking.

“Correctional facilities, and in particular county jail facilities, create a unique opportunity for our communities to provide high quality essential public health services in a focused and cost effective manner that may not otherwise be possible.”
Dr. Esmaeil Porsa, MD, MPH, CCHP, Executive VP & Chief Strategy and Integration Officer, Parkland Hospital

Wake County Detention Center
Wake County

Raleigh, NC
United States

415,000 SF (38,560 m²)
LEED Certified Silver