West Dowling Road Extension Phase II

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West Dowling Road Extension Phase II

We led final design for the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (Alaska DOT&PF) $46.8 million West Dowling Road corridor extension, a key project to improve connectivity and reduce congestion through midtown Anchorage. Not only did they want to open the corridor for easy multimodal use, but fulfill the need in a smart, environmentally conscious way. After construction started, Alaska DOT&PF came to us with a new goal to incorporate Greenroads®, an independent sustainability rating system for transportation infrastructure design and construction. Our staff in Alaska was already familiar with the certification needs. We quickly responded to address the requirements, leading to a more holistic approach to community and environmental needs.

The project included a new, 1.2-mile segment of Dowling Road with four lanes and a raised center median, two signalized intersections, a single-span tub-girder bridge and Class A bike lanes. Surrounded by a constant hub of activity — industrial businesses, truck traffic, residential areas and an active railroad that maintained operations during construction — coordination with stakeholders was key to advancing the project on schedule.

In addition to guiding Greenroads objectives, we provided environmental services; hydraulic design; the Design Study Report; Utility Conflict Report; public involvement; right-of-way aid; plans, specifications, cost estimate (PS&E); and assistance during bidding and construction.

Setting a New Sustainability Standard

West Dowling Road promotes alternative transportation options such as walking, bicycling and public transit, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The corridor’s proximity to Tina Lake required extensive stormwater management. Our team introduced five filtration basins that retain runoff from the roadway to minimize environmental impacts. The project also supports smart economic growth and invites new development through accessibility and more efficient trucking routes for local businesses.

As Alaska’s Greenroads pilot project, West Dowling Road Phase II helped set a new precedent for roadway design state-wide. Preliminary evaluations of the certification application indicated a positive rating among other national projects on best practices for sustainability toward the environment and the economy. The project approach particularly excelled in areas such as water, access and equity, and resources.

Today, travelers and businesses in the surrounding area benefit from the increased accessibility, reduced congestion and multimodal transportation options provided by the much-needed connection.

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