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Corrosion Laboratory Services

Our Corrosion Laboratory Capabilities

We have a full-service corrosion laboratory to provide a comprehensive series of analyses related to corrosion and condition assessment. Our lab personnel have decades of experience evaluating lab results and providing recommendations to minimize corrosion of structures, both new and old. In addition, our quality assurance/quality control procedures are unrivaled and provide multiple independent tests and calculations to verify and validate results.

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James Keegan, MD 
Corrosion and Lab Services Section Manager

Corrosion Laboratory and Field Services


Soil Corrosivity Testing

Established in 1993, our soil and water lab has performed corrosivity analyses on over 100,000 soil, water and concrete samples. Parameters evaluated:

  • Electrical Resistivity
  • pH
  • Common Soluble Salts
  • MIC-related Sulfide
  • Oxidation-reduction Potential

Soil Corrosivity Studies

Corrosivity lab testing can be accompanied by a soil corrosivity study to accomplish two objectives:

  • Classify the aggressiveness of soil toward construction materials
  • Provide recommendations to minimize corrosion


  • Particle Size Analysis of Soils
  • Ion Chromatography (Metals and Inorganics)
  • UV/Vis Spectrophotometry
  • Soil Thermal Resistivity
  • Linear Polarization Resistance
  • Chloride and pH in Concrete
  • Reflected-light Microscopy (2,000x)
  • Online Sample Transmission
  • Organic/Inorganic Water Analyses
  • General and Wet Chemistry


  • In-situ Electrical Resistivity Testing
  • Grounding System Evaluation
  • Geoprobe™ Soil Sample Collection
  • Onsite Chemical Analyses


  • Duplicate (QA) and Standard (QC) Testing
  • X-Control Plotting
  • Specialized Internal Calculations

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