Close the Funding Gap

Many factors impede the funding and financing of projects. These include a combination of limited fiscal resources, a competitive funding environment, federal and state allocation uncertainties, and a dynamic economic climate. Our experienced finance team can guide you through the process and help deliver successful outcomes.

Creative Solutions to Financial Challenges

Our multidisciplinary finance and grants specialists provide across-the-board assistance to help you meet budget objectives, strategic goals and service commitments. We are well-versed in infrastructure and building finance and have achieved a national reputation for analyzing federal, state, and local funding and financing options. Our innovative procurement solutions include incorporating funding from private sources such as value capture programs and public-private partnerships (P3s). We also develop multiagency cost-allocation programs.

A Proven Track Record of Funding and Financing Success

From maximizing revenue streams and securing new, dedicated revenue, to navigating constantly changing federal funding and financing opportunities, we have the expertise you need. Our local knowledge and national capabilities lead to innovative, cost-effective procurement strategies. Through the application of value for money, benefit-cost and other forms of evaluation, we can help you develop projects that provide the greatest social, economic and environmental benefits.

Financial Services

Financial Planning

Identification and screening of funding and financing strategies for capital, operating and maintenance costs. We provide financial modeling and impact analyses of various events and scenarios as they relate to annual budgets.

Funding Source Analysis

Assistance and analysis of the availability of new and existing funding sources, from fares to cost allocation policies. We review current sources as well as best practices to enhance funding while maximizing the benefits to internal and external stakeholders.

Grant Preparation and Support

We have developed a successful approach for preparing grant applications, including strategy, evaluation and positioning for federal and state grant and loan opportunities. We can also support and assist with grant preparation and documentation.

Innovative Procurement

Our experience in alternative delivery and procurement methods for complex procurements includes design-build, public-private partnerships (P3) and other delivery methods. We help examine the cost and prices associated with various procurement methods and manage procurement and delivery processes.

Project Finance

Help identifying various sources and types of finance, including federal credit programs available through the U.S. Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act and the Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing program.

Integrating Finance and Economics Services to Achieve Your Goals

By taking a balanced approach to public and private interests, we provide a unique set of tools that integrate economic, financial and engineering disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach leads to data-driven decision making and strategic funding and financing solutions.