Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation

Change requires Innovation. Innovation requires change.

Change is the new normal. Start-ups are displacing established industry giants. Once-coveted offerings are transforming into commodities and vice versa. Consumer needs are elusive and constantly evolving. Creating the new is harder than ever when you don’t know what to create and your usual problem-solving methods only lead to incremental improvements.

New challenges require new tools and methods. Keeping an edge in today’s market is harder than ever. We can help.

We are a multidisciplinary team of strategists specializing in innovation and change. We have a process for finding the adjacent possible and designing the future.

Our job is to push organizational thinking beyond business-as-usual, to find opportunity in uncertainty, and to develop actionable concepts with a clear and detailed path to implementation.

We help organizations innovate and transform, to make a lasting impact on the lives of the people they serve.

Meet Our Team Members

Director, Strategic Innovation
Strategic Innovation Designer
Strategic Innovation Designer
Strategic Innovation Designer
Strategic Innovation Designer

Our Process

Red Line Drawing of an Oragami Crane
Think Differently, Design Beautifully

Traditional consultancies can design beautiful solutions. We design solutions that work beautifully. People are at the core of everything we do so we intersect human and business needs to develop bold, viable solutions.

Our methodology includes a variety of tools, here’s just a few.

Camcorder Recording Ethnography Session

Extraordinary solutions begin with powerful insights.

We use the social science of ethnography to ‘walk a mile in the shoes’ of our end users. Immersing ourselves in their world helps us understand their ambitions, needs and frustrations that reveal opportunities and possible solutions. Ethnography helps us understand the real problems to solve.

Post-It Notes on a Wall during a SYNAPSE session

Co-creation leverages the best of diversity in thinking.

Synapse is the tool we use to move from insights to exploring possible futures. Tailored sessions are highly structured and are built around a series of immersive design activities. The process is fast, focused and organized to generate deep insight from complex problems and encourage rapid iterations that yields conceptual development.

Sketches and Diagrams from a Futures Prototyping Session
Futures Prototyping

Building viable solutions requires engaging constituents.

A single problem can have many solutions, and a solution can have many manifestations. Before making a significant investment in a single solution, we help clients test and evolve possible futures with end users to ensure the right solution gets implemented.

“The HDR team employed the voice of the patient as the catalyst for an access-focused strategic initiative. The resulting framework is driving organizational alignment and transformation. HDR’s deep industry knowledge, design thinking approach and partnership have helped move the organization toward consumer-focused solutions.“

Anne Martino, VP Consumer Insights and Innovation, Aurora Healthcare

Woman being Interviewed behind a Camcorder
Team Brainstorming in a Workshop

“I’ve been with Kaiser for 28 years. I have never been involved in this kind of conversation about changing how we deliver care. I never thought about our industry in the sense that we are now talking about. The conversation is very different, very exciting.”

Sunil Shah, Executive Director Construction Acquisition NFS, Kaiser Permanente

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