Fort Bliss Hospital Replacement

USACE Fort Bliss | El Paso, TX, US
USACE Fort Bliss | El Paso, TX, US
USACE Fort Bliss | El Paso, TX, US
USACE Fort Bliss | El Paso, TX, US
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
El Paso, Texas, USA

The goal of HDR's Fort Bliss project team is to design a world class medical facility in support of our warriors and their families. The medical center will be a $1 billion advanced medical facility replacing the current William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC). The design integrates U.S. Department of Defense program requirements and offers alternate schemes to include design scenarios that may integrate Veterans Affairs' requirements in the future. HDR has incorporated state-of-art planning and design ideas including the latest research in evidence-based design (EBD) as well as design innovations promoting family and patient-centered care.

As part of the design process, the Corps also commissioned HDR to provide an economic study of sustainable technology design alternatives. The goal was to identify alternatives that would reduce energy consumption and life cycle cost, transition to renewable energy, reduce potable water, divert waste from the landfill, and improve health outcomes for patients at the LEED-certified facility.

HDR used the Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI) framework to assess sustainable technology alternatives. The SROI analysis monetizes all relevant incremental social, environmental and financial impacts. Six alternatives were evaluated; the promising identified included HEPA filtration and HPV cleaning technologies. From a financial investment, these two alternatives produced roughly $75,000 and $2 million in benefits beyond their initial cost. When combined with environmental and financial benefits, the SROI net present value of HEPA filtration and HPV cleaning increases the total benefits to roughly $38 million and $121 million, respectively.

  • Sustainable Features: Alternative Energy, Construction Waste Management, Daylighting & Views, Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Energy Star, Federal Energy Mandates, Geothermal Energy, Green Guide to Healthcare, LEED Gold, Local/Regional Materials, Public Transportation Access, Recycling , Renewable Energy On-site, Stormwater Management, Water Efficient Landscaping
  • Type of Construction: New Construction, Replacement
  • Size: 1,130,000 SF (104,980 m²)
  • Professional Services: Architecture, Engineering, Planning
  • Project Type: Acute Care Hospital, Ambulatory Care Facility, Behavorial Health Center, Campus Master Plan, Cancer Center, Construction, Emergency/Trauma Care Center, Federal, General Hospital Campus, Healthcare, Military, Women’s Center
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