Tappan Zee Bridge Design-Build (The New NY Bridge Project) | New York, US
Tappan Zee Bridge (The New NY Bridge Project) | New York, US
BNSF Logistics Park Kansas City | Edgerton, KS, US
BNSF Logistics Park Kansas City | United States
Blount Island Marine Terminal | Jacksonville, FL, US
JAXPORT Capital Improvement Program GEC | Jacksonville, FL, US
Rendering of Spaceport Colorado, looking west toward Denver | Watkins, CO, US
Spaceport Colorado | Watkins, CO, US

Your goal is to keep people and freight moving safely and efficiently, whether by land, sea or air. Meeting this goal is often complicated by aging infrastructure, shrinking budgets and security concerns. Our goal is to help you develop customized and comprehensive mobility programs that improve overall performance and meet your organization's goals. We start by helping you determine the best group of projects and establish clear and achievable objectives. We then ensure that all planning, design and construction activities are thoroughly managed.

In addition to technical expertise, we provide strategic consulting services such as procurement assistance, stakeholder outreach, Cost Risk Analysis and Value Engineering (CRAVE™), context-sensitive solutions, project controls and more. Throughout the life of a program, we emphasize the importance of managing costs and associated risks. Our approach is to create a results-oriented environment that allows programs to succeed.

We know there isn't one right answer to your transportation challenges. But we can help you find the solution that fits the unique needs of your community.