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Smart Mobility and Emerging Transportation Technologies

Making Travel and Transport More Efficient, Safe and Reliable Through Custom Mobility and Operational Technology Services

Technology has made its way into every part of our lives, and the convergence of transportation technologies represents a significant opportunity for infrastructure owners, operators and the traveling public to experience safer roadways, more reliable drivetimes, less congestion and greater transportation equity. Our experts can help you develop a smart path forward, advancing your transportation infrastructure in:

  • Connected/Automated Vehicles and Smart Mobility
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Tolling and Alternative Funding
  • Zero Emissions and Electrified Mobility


Connected/Automated Vehicles and Smart Mobility

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Smart mobility requires responsive, flexible and intelligent designs that use technology and data to improve transportation for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and transit users of all ages and from every walk of life. Our team of connected and automated vehicle experts is here to support the evolution of your network through transportation system operations plans that optimize existing infrastructure with improved integration, coordination and systematic implementation of key operational designs and strategies.

Key CAV service areas:

  • Future-proofing roadway design
  • Estimating adoption, congestion and capacity impacts, as well as safety benefits
  • TSMO education and training
  • Emerging technology assessment and implementation

Intelligent Transportation Systems

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We design roadside infrastructure and technology systems to inform travelers and assist in transportation system management. Through the latest communications and information technology, our ITS experts improve how transportation networks move people and goods. Typical systems include dynamic message signs, video cameras, Wi-Fi mesh networks, fiber and more. Our vast ITS experience, technical skills, quick response times and the ability to effectively manage resources leads to successful project delivery.

Key ITS service areas:

  • Planning
  • System engineering
  • System design
  • Construction + operations & maintenance support

Tolling and Alternative Funding

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Traditional funding sources are evaporating or not keeping up with the needs of our aging infrastructure and increased capacity demands. Meanwhile, higher safety and mobility standards are requiring more efficient use of our roadway networks. Working together to address those challenges, we can develop and implement a practical and actionable plan to meet your unique revenue generation and improved mobility objectives.

Key service areas:

  • Tolling
  • Congestion pricing
  • Managed Lanes
  • Mileage-based user fees

Zero Emissions and Electrified Mobility

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Demand for zero emission cars, buses and trucks, along with the infrastructure needed to support them, is rising exponentially and impacting stakeholders from every industry. Our expertise lies in developing a clear roadmap for adapting to new technology and avoiding missteps in the transition to a sustainable mobile future. As industry-recognized experts in transportation, energy and facility design, HDR can help you achieve your zero emissions goals from planning and design through implementation and operations.

Key ZEM/EM service areas:

  • Fleet feasibility and transition planning
  • Charger network planning and design
  • Community EV readiness planning
  • Future-proofing facilities and roads

Our People

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Advanced Technologies for Surface Transportation Director
Zero Emissions Mobility Practice Lead
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