interior view of Marylebone Square with ample lighting and lush vegetation aside indoor water feature

United Kingdom

Founded over a century ago to bring electricity to a changing world, we are now a global company specializing in architecture, engineering, environmental and construction services. Our success in built and natural environments continues as we collaborate to solve our clients' and communities' most complex challenges.

Working across boundaries, markets and disciplines, we assemble talented teams to conceive innovative solutions. We're known for adding beauty, function and form to cities, towns and rural landscapes. We elevate communities through design, delivering transformative infrastructure and high-performance buildings.  

Our diversity, underpinned by an appreciation of cultural nuances, brings a richness of perspectives and a shared vision, embracing local sensitivities while providing a global perspective.  

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Expertise That Creates a Lasting Impact

professional photograph of lobby interior at kiewit corporations headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. The space is surrounded by windows with ample daylight and modern furnishing.
Commercial, Real Estate & Hospitality

We design and deliver iconic buildings embracing 21st-century technologies. Our commercial and real estate portfolio includes mixed-use, retail, workplace and office. We collaborate with global finance and hospitality clients to create elegant spaces that encourage productivity and wellness. Our innovative services seek to optimize building performance while helping to redefine urban environments.

Two people are sitting and interacting beside a hospital bed in a modern hospital room with large windows
Health & Life Sciences

Our architecture and engineering teams create innovative, flexible and adaptable healthcare and research facilities that challenge traditional models and introduce transformative design ideas. Our many healthcare and laboratory planning experts bring a deep understanding of diverse patient care and research environment requirements. 

sun edison solar
Power & Industrial

With a focus on power delivery and renewables, our industry-leading teams aid global clients in modernizing the grid and reducing emissions. We work with manufacturing and supply chain facilities, advising on sustainable operations, comprehensive water management, and site civil design services.

A scenic image depicting a shoreline with lush green grass in the foreground and a calm body of water. In the background, there is a hazy view of a flat horizon with several wind turbines. The setting suggests a tranquil, natural environment.
Resilience & Environmental

Our multidisciplinary experts across all sectors assess infrastructure vulnerabilities to natural and human-made hazards, enhancing community resilience. Given the risks of cyberattacks, pandemics, climate change and more, we emphasize the need for long-term resiliency of essential services.

The image depicts a modern data center, NextDC's Merlot 3, featuring a striking red and gray facade, illuminated by external lights at dusk, with a clear and empty parking area in the foreground.
Tech, Media, Telecom & Data

With the exponential growth in a data-hungry world, we design and deliver cutting-edge data centers that are underpinned by innovative energy-saving technologies. Collaborating with global clients, to meet complex demands we deliver high-performance infrastructure and environments which also include broadband, telecom, semiconductors, advanced technology and media.

This image depicts a bustling city street at twilight with long exposure photography capturing motion blur of vehicles. Streaks of light from car headlights and tail lights create vibrant lines across the frame. Buildings and illuminated signs line the background, contributing to the urban atmosphere. The scene conveys a sense of dynamic movement and urban activity.
Transportation & Infrastructure

Offering a full spectrum of advisory, design and project delivery services, our mobility experts provide tailored solutions in the highway and roads, rail and transit, aviation and maritime sectors. We specialize in helping client prepare for and respond to emerging trends like zero emissions mobility, resiliency and infrastructure hardening, and equity and social value analysis.