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The pursuit of excellence is at the heart of everything we do.

We are the leading independent engineering consultancy for the built environment, delivering engineering solutions for clients worldwide. Our blue-chip clients depend on us time and time in over 50 territories around the world, to ensure both global standards and local requirements are met. We have a commitment to innovation, precision, quality, client service and delivery. 


We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of buildings over their entire life cycle whilst optimising their economic viability and the comfort of their occupants. As one of the first engineering consultancies to have a dedicated energy and sustainability division, and as leaders in the practical application of sustainable solutions, we help our clients set and achieve industry-beating carbon strategies, through tailored expertise and guidance. We are committed to remaining innovators in this field and our clients can be confident that we will provide the solutions they need.


Our expert teams work on commissions ranging from office, residential and retail projects for property owners/developers, through to fit outs for large corporate end users. We are market leaders in data centre design in the banking and tech/media/telecom sectors and lead complex designs in the gas, rail transportation and pharmaceutical industries. We also have extensive experience in the hotel, leisure, health and education sectors.

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HDR United Kingdom Fund

Funded and driven by our employees, the HDR United Kingdom Fund provides grants to organizations that align with our areas of expertise; education, healthy communities and environmental stewardship.

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