Supporting Work Wherever It Happens

With technological advancements and expanding global reach, the workplace landscape has seen radical transformations in how and where we work. As work styles become ever more fluid, our interior designers, architects, and workplace strategists partner with both employers and developers to create inspiring work environments that allow companies and employees to thrive. We listen first to gain an understanding of unique needs for employee-centered workplace design.

Optimized Workplace Solutions through Data-Driven Design

Data-driven design is at the center of our approach to inform user needs. We leverage a deep understanding of the built environment to empower users with flexible workplace design solutions that foster contemporary ideas of connection, collaboration and creativity. By leveraging work style data in the early stages of planning, real estate utilization, and design, we can present, in real-time, various scenarios that impact human and business outcomes. Those variables include situations surrounding planning department adjacencies, decreasing or increasing square footage, changing space configurations, optimizing access to daylight, and spaces for collaboration. We approach each project with the goal of driving positive employee experiences, which, in turn, means higher retention, productivity and overall satisfaction.