two people overlooking power generation infrastructure at Holland Energy Park

Power Generation

We work with utilities, developers, and commercial and industrial customers on resilient energy generation projects designed to lower greenhouse gas emissions and complement intermittent renewables. From natural gas plants to distributed generation systems and microgrids, we listen to clients’ goals and tap our team’s technical expertise and future-forward mindset to deliver impactful projects. 

At Bob Glanzer Generating Station, when the sun sets on NorthWestern Energy’s renewable energy sources, the natural gas generating station comes to life. Natural gas generation significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions while serving as a reliable, disptachable energy source. Its flexible capacity is valuable to utilities as renewable energy integration climbs. As technology advances, natural gas generating stations have the capacity to transition to green hydrogen — a potential game changer in power generation. 

Entities from higher education to data centers, and municipalities to healthcare campuses rely on distributed generation and microgrids to reduce emissions and increase reliability and resilience. Consider Western Michigan University's 70% greenhouse gas reductions campuswide, and one of the United Kingdom’s largest hydrogen fuel cell installations at landmark conference center P&J Live Aberdeen. 

Our diverse team of engineers, scientists and communicators are passionate about their expertise. Services include:

  • Asset Management
  • Microgrids
  • Resilience and Decarbonization Planning
  • Project Development
  • Owner’s Engineering
  • Plant Design
  • Strategic Communications
  • Resource Planning
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Simple and Combined Cycle Solutions
  • Hydrogen Production and Consumption

For more info contact

Angela Piner
Power Client Development Lead
Angela Piner | Power Client Development Lead