Waterway Atlantic Coast

Coastal Engineering & Restoration

Building Resilient Coastlines and Vibrant Communities

Coastal zones today face especially challenging conditions, from erosion, flooding, reoccurring severe weather events and population shift to waterfront centers. The catastrophic impact of hurricanes along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts in recent years, and the ongoing concerns over sea level rise elsewhere, have increased awareness of the negative impacts of coastal erosion. 

Successful projects are driven by sound science, attention to detail and experience tackling the challenges of working in a marine environment. We bring more than 60 years of experience in mitigation, restoration and creation projects, with a focus on beaches, bays and estuaries.

Our focused coastal services can help you face these challenges with specialized science and engineering to create safe and resilient coastal areas that will protect lives and property from the impacts of wind, waves and weather. In addition to our civil and coastal engineers, our staff includes experts in near shore oceanography, marine geology, fisheries, science and related disciplines to provide responsive services to tackle challenging projects along the water’s edge.

Our portfolio includes hurricane protection for large industrial areas and heavily populated municipalities, nourishment of barrier islands, and restoration of sensitive environmental habitat. Along with our ‘hard’ shoreline protection structures, we are a leader in wetland design, environmental permitting and the complexities of locating structures adjacent to sensitive coastal ecosystems.

We pull together our experts from across the globe to offer custom-fit solutions to our clients' toughest challenges.

Coastal Engineering, Restoration & Resilience Services

Beaches/Coastal Processes

  • Beach Nourishment/Dune Restoration
  • Storm Impact Assessment
  • Shoreline Change and Sediment Budget Analyses

Coastal Ecosystems

  • Estuary Water Quality and Sedimentation
  • Living Shorelines
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Oyster Reef Restoration
  • Wetland Restoration

Coastal Floodplain Hydraulics & Hydrology

  • Compound Flooding Analysis
  • Fisheries Eco-Hydraulics/Passage
  • Flood Protection Structures

Coastal Structures

  • Jetties/Groins
  • Offshore Breakwaters
  • Seawalls/Revetments

Dredging & Navigation

  • Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal
  • Marinas and Small Craft Harbors
  • Navigation and Mooring Studies

Numerical Modeling

  • Coastal and Estuary Sediment Transport
  • Inlet Hydrodynamics
  • Passing Vessel Simulations
  • Tidal/Storm Surge
  • Water Quality
  • Wave Development/Transformation

Ocean Renewable Resources

  • Tidal Energy
  • Wave 
  • Wind


  • Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment/Study
  • Infrastructure Adaptation Planning
  • Sea Level Rise Analysis