Interior Cafeteria Area with Seating at 80, Strand, London

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Designing Inspired Spaces That Foster Curiosity and Inspire People to Do Their Best Work

A workplace environment that inspires people to do their best work, to feel part of something bigger than themselves, and to truly care about the people they serve requires design that elicits an emotional connection.

We combine our architecture, design and engineering experience to deliver corporate and commercial workplaces that enhance the well-being of your people.

From new builds to refurbishment, we work with you to ensure wellness, energy efficiency and sustainability are at the forefront of our design approach. Combining our cross-disciplinary expertise, we bring creative thinking and clear communication to make qualitative- and quantitative-based decisions to meet your unique requirements.

Our talented architects, engineers and design specialists use the most advanced design tools, data and communication technologies to provide integrated, sustainable solutions. From designing smart buildings from scratch, to re-imagining existing systems such as HVAC, or incorporating contactless technology, thermal measurements and lighting design — our experts can provide holistic assessments and design solutions to help make your project a success.

Our innovative approach is underpinned by a clear and transparent paper trail, digital document management and control with dashboards to monitor progress, and our certification services provide expert advice in the achievement of BREEAM, LEED® and wellness goals.

Holistic Solutions for the Work Environment

  • Design and Architecture
  • Engineering Services
  • Wellness, Energy-Efficiency, Sustainability and Resiliency
  • Smart Technology
  • Commissioning and Validation

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