HDR employees collaborating in Chicago office

Working at HDR

We’re inspired to connect.

We offer a variety of ways to connect with our vast network of people to find your place and shape the trajectory of your career. Our goal isn’t just to reach the next milestone. We enable you to grow your talent and flourish — helping our clients to change the world for the better.

Specific programs and activities may differ by country. More details provided at time of offer.

Making an Impact

HDR Foundation

Our employee-funded and employee-driven HDR Foundation awards grants to qualified organizations that align with our areas of expertise: education, healthy communities and environmental stewardship.

Sustainability Stewards Program 

Local SSPs help to build a culture of sustainability in our offices through education and events. Employee volunteers help to improve business practices, enhance our office spaces and promote environmental stewardship in our communities.

Earning Professional Recognition

Pathfinders Awards Program 

Through our  Pathfinders awards program, we recognize employees whose dedication to quality, innovation and productivity goes far beyond the norm. Employees nominate their peers in eight categories, and volunteer employee committees determine four levels of award winners ranging from local office awards to two companywide Pathfinders of Distinction. Local offices plan special events to celebrate their award recipients each year.  

Career Development Programs  

We provide training opportunities for personal and professional growth, with a particular focus on cultivating leadership skills. Through eLearning, virtual instructor-led training, mentoring opportunities, and coaching, we offer skill development to cultivate the next generation of leaders at HDR.  

Professional Associates Program  

Our Professional Associates program recognizes professional excellence demonstrated by employees who have distinguished themselves as technical or creative experts in their chosen career fields. Our Professional Associates become recognized experts who engage with employees beyond their immediate team and geography to share their expertise across the company.  

Fellowship Program 

We reinforce the importance of professional excellence by helping our industry thought leaders pursue innovative ideas through our Fellowship Program. Each year, we select employees to pursue creative solutions to technical issues facing our clients and industry through a one-year funded fellowship. 

Building Relationships

Employee Network Groups 

Open to all employees, our Employee Network Groups create an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone is empowered to engage and contribute. Our ENGs bring employees together to provide support, enhance career development, and contribute to personal development in the work environment. 


With a focus on cultivating the best in each of our employees, we offer formal mentoring programs that match employees with mentors who can share their career experience and foster meaningful relationships within HDR.  

Total Service Organization 

Employee volunteers comprise local TSO committees that organize activities that turn our vision of corporate culture into a reality. From celebrating work anniversaries and birthdays, to acknowledging team members for work well done, to planning local social and charity activities, our TSO members help shape the workplace employees want to experience. 

Bi-Annual Conferences 

Every other year, our largest practice areas gather professionals from across the globe for a two-day conference designed to inspire passion, share knowledge and build meaningful relationships. The event features high-production presentations, intense collaborative workshops, professional development opportunities and in-person networking with team members from across the company.  

Promoting Health and Wellness

Employee Assistance Program 

We all need help sometimes. Our Employee Assistance Program offers confidential assessments and short-term counseling for employees and family members experiencing mental health concerns.  

Wellness Program 

Our Wellness Program is designed to improve the quality of life for all employees through programs promoting healthy lifestyles. This includes education, incentives, challenges and fun activities that encourage physical wellness, as well as financial and emotional wellness.  

Team Activities & Sports

Employees in many of our offices are teammates outside the office, too. Through our Young Professionals Group and local social committees, employees take part in recreational sports leagues, bicycle/running clubs, trivia nights, charity 5K runs and more.

A Snapshot of Working at HDR