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Life Sciences

Life Science Labs That Accelerate Outcomes

Biological sciences are ushering in discoveries that were unimaginable a decade ago. Research facilities need to be flexible to accommodate inevitable technological, process and workflow changes. Wet lab, dry lab and the “in-between” damp lab design needs to promote knowledge transfer essential to scientific advancement, research and development and pharmaceutical testing. These facilities, in turn, can be used to attract and retain top-tier talent, and ultimately can help accelerate the time from discovery to preventative, curative and transformational solutions that improve lives.

Specialized Solutions for State-of-the-Art Research Facilities

We design academic, bioengineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other corporate facilities that reflect a deep understanding of the full spectrum of research requirements. From research and development facilities to teaching labs to certified cGMP manufacturing space, we have successfully worked with many corporate, consumer product, government and academic clients to design over 200 million square research space worldwide. We understand how to design research facilities to address an organization’s business drivers.

Unmatched Guidance From Lab Design Experts

Whether it is a renovation, addition or new building; a master plan or a targeted planning study; we bring some of the most knowledgeable lab planners and designers in the world to every endeavor and we leverage our deep knowledge of best practices derived from projects across the globe. Most have spent their entire careers planning and designing life science labs and research and development facilities and considering how changes in research should inform the lab of the future. We use this diverse, well-rounded expertise to design award-winning buildings that support better science and better outcomes.

Lab Design Inspired by Natural Systems

Like the natural world, laboratories are complex, rich and interdependent, but often come with a significant cost to human and ecological health. Through a principles-based, natural-systems approach to the design of laboratories we reevaluated the past to transform conventional lab design into regenerative exemplars for a reimagined future.

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