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Cancer Centers

A Fundamental Shift in Cancer Center Design

As cancer care has changed, so has the world around us. Translational health sciences, precision medicine, and new therapies and treatments are impacting how we treat patients with cancer. As a result, cancer center design is changing and our experts are leading the way of the future.

Designing Cancer Care Facilities Ready for Change

With a keen eye on trends, the latest thinking in research, and new innovations in facility design, collaboration, data, and patient outcomes, the cancer care facilities we design are always on the forefront and prepared to support radical innovations in care for generations to come. From initial strategy through programming, planning and design, our experts are ready to deliver a cancer center to meet the evolving needs of care delivery.

Collaboration, Connection and Care: People Come First

Cancer centers are where people care for people at a difficult time in their lives. They required to be at once both the most collaborative and advanced medical facilities in healthcare and a place of comfort and reflection for those seeking care and treatment. When we design cancer centers, people are our focus. We understand that while doctors, nurses, researchers, patients, families, and many others experience these environments differently, they are all seeking the same goal — a cure.

What's Next for Cancer Center Design?

How are radically innovative treatments fundamentally altering the arc of care and the facilities that support it?

10 Developments Driving the Design Shift

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