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The World is Changing Fast...We Can Help

Events like the Covid-19 pandemic can bring about changes that fundamentally shift physical space requirements in public health labs. These include adopting new testing methodologies, accommodating surges in sample load, and the addition of new equipment and storage needs. If your organization is seeking advice on how to improve your space and make sure the lab can easily shift to support event response like we are experiencing today, we have the experience and expertise to provide support or guidance.

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Improving Global Health with Responsive Lab Design

We use a practical, culturally-sensitive, sustainable and incremental approach to develop local, regional and national laboratories to improve health outcomes. These facilities are equipped to handle varying quantities of specimens, requiring safe and secure accessioning and processing — within a context of available resources. We’ve pioneered innovations for flexibility in laboratory design to anticipate and accommodate change on demand.

Fostering Health in the Community

Our health and science leaders collaborate to examine how health is delivered to the community now and in the future. We work to optimize the opportunities for improved patient outcomes as well as improved community health awareness, education and engagement. By building on current evidence, research and industry best practices, we design facilities to positively impact the delivery of healthcare to the community.

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