Roslin Institute Building


Efficient, Cost-Effective & Regulatory-Compliant Animal Facilities

Designing animal facilities requires a thorough understanding of the research and protocols they support. We design and engineer flexible and adaptable vivaria that keep pace with scientific advances. These vivaria can house different species with minimal adjustments to the engineering systems or physical layout of the room. They provide efficient cage processing, procedure, sterilization, surgical and storage space. No matter the size and scope, we work with owners, end-users and manufacturers to ensure a quality environment for good animal husbandry and health.

Industry-Recognized Science & Safety Expertise

Animal facilities need to adhere to national and international life safety codes for the safety of staff. Yet they must also meet regulatory and accreditation standards related to animal welfare. These best practices drive research operational protocols and design strategies for the facility. Our laboratory planning leaders stay informed of trends and regulatory updates. We are active participants with industry organizations including AALAS, Tradeline, ABSA and others, facilitating industry-focused dialogue and teaching laboratory and vivaria planning workshops and courses.