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Advancing Pediatric Care by Design

We design children's hospitals and pediatric spaces that focus on people. Our expertise delivering state-of-the-art pediatric facilities around the globe spans complex master plans, inpatient acute-care hospitals, and flexible outpatient clinics. Designing a best-in-class children’s hospital complex begins by defining and establishing the best clinical care model and embedding these efficient operations and best practices into the fabric of the city, the campus, and the medical facilities — a thoughtful approach to access, servicing, parking, utilities, and public space. But this is only the beginning.

Experience is the Difference

No matter the facility type, we focus on empathy when designing pediatric spaces. We put ourselves into the mindset of the child, parents, siblings, neighbors, and friends to reimagine the places they encounter from the moment they arrive on campus to the time they depart. Those visiting a children’s hospital are most likely already in a state of heightened emotion, usually struggling with a sense of anxiety, fear, and vulnerability. We take this as a call to action. We are energized by the idea that through creative design, we can create places that offer moments of respite and joy when they need it most. We strive for design that increases feelings of security, stretches boundaries, promotes mobility, and improves health.

Our Latest Children's Hospital

In designing a new front door for the campus and its carefully curated interiors, the experience of timid children and anxious parents as they embark upon their healthcare journey, both large and small, was top of mind for the architecture and interiors team at the Hubbard Center for Children in Omaha.

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