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Transit Oriented Development

Leveraging Transit Investments to Create More Livable Cities 

Land developments near transit systems can truly flourish, with greater exposure and accessibility, and we can help you maximize this potential. We design transit oriented developments to meet a broad range of local and regional objectives: improving mobility, expanding ridership, attracting investment, serving new markets and reducing congestion. 

Our curated teams of urban planners, architects, engineers, economists and scientists bring the experience, knowledge and creativity needed to envision and create developments unique to each community and transit system. Understanding the dynamic relationship between transit infrastructure and land development is a hallmark of our practice. 

Successful Community Integration

Combining holistic urban planning and building design with extensive stakeholder outreach, we listen to the needs of all parties, including transit operators, developers and the community that will benefit from new development. The result is integrated developments that fit naturally with a community’s landscape and enhance quality of life.