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Environmental Sciences

We deliver high-performance built environments that value the economic, social and natural environments.

Addressing environmental concerns is critical to virtually every project. You might be planning a project to avoid or minimize impacts to wetlands and threatened/endangered species, completing investigations to determine the presence of on-site contamination, or obtaining necessary environmental clearances and permits. In many cases, you need specialized data collection and computer-based modeling unique to the proposed project and its setting.

Time and again, we have supported agencies and private clients with their most critical assignments. We understand the wide-ranging environmental regulations and legislation as they evolve, and we help you navigate the changes.

With more than 1,000 environmental professionals, we provide focused, integrated services to advance your project. Our team includes environmental planners and permitting experts, archaeologists, historians, biologists, ecological restoration specialists, wetland and stream ecologists, fisheries scientists, toxicologists, and marine species experts and scientists. We deliver high-performance built environments that value the economic, social and natural environments.

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Environmental Sciences Services

Acoustics, Noise and Vibration

We assist our clients with their needs by providing noise and vibration monitoring and modeling services nationwide to industries, federal agencies and policy makers. We are pioneers in integrating noise analyses with GIS, creating innovative ways to display impact areas, mitigation designs, and noise contouring. Our noise experts use visual displays to convey potential noise impacts and mitigation solutions so the public can better understand project-related impacts and make informed decisions.

Air Quality, Climate and Greenhouse Gases

Improving and protecting air quality, including management of greenhouse gas emissions, remains of great concern to the public, and industrial sources of air emissions must be carefully managed. We work with you to achieve a simplified balance through proactive and comprehensive air quality program management. Our engineers and scientists apply combined expertise to help maximize operating flexibility, minimize compliance burdens, and streamline permitting and environmental review.

Cultural Resources

We provide expert management of the complex federal and state regulatory processes required for cultural resource protection. From early project planning through construction, our cultural resources professionals are adept in all aspects of survey, mitigation, monitoring, and reporting requirements for archaeology, ethnography, architectural history, history, and historic architecture. We possess proven track records with state historic preservation offices and tribal communities across the country. We take pride in our ability to uphold a high-quality standard while staying on schedule.

Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem restoration is a sensitive process, demanding full integration of science, engineering and communications. Our success with large restoration projects stems from our ability to assemble diverse teams and manage all aspects of the restoration process. We have partnered with federal, state and local agencies on nine of the largest ecosystem restoration efforts in the United States.

Environmental Impact Analysis

We help you develop legally defensible documents that hit the mark so projects are executed. Our team has a reputation for preparing successful environmental impact analyses and documents in compliance with state and provincial laws and regulations. Our thorough understanding of agency requirements and processes, public involvement and stakeholder outreach helps anticipate and address the relevant issues found in environmental documents. As a result, we can effectively tell a story and create timely approvals.

Environmental Measurements

Our field expertise and diverse staff allow us to measure and monitor numerous environmental areas essential to your project’s success. We have a fleet of boats and in-house equipment that enable us to design and fabricate customized sampling apparatuses to meet your needs. Our laboratory experts use state-of-the-art microscopes and digital image capturing equipment for taxonomic identification, life stage determination and measurement. We maintain an extensive reference museum and literature collection that is continually updated to confirm and document identifications.

Environmental Remediation

We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for your environmental remediation, engineering and construction needs. With extensive experience in conducting investigations and site assessments to evaluate contamination from a variety of release sources, we have completed more than 800 restoration projects. These include the remediation of hazardous, toxic and radioactive waste (HTRW) and participation in the military munitions response program (MMRP) on both a time-critical basis and non-time-critical basis.

Fisheries Sciences

We offer award-winning services in fisheries sciences and aquatic resource engineering. Our services include habitat assessments, production and research facilities, ecosystem restoration, and design of fish passage structures, screen diversions and intakes. We work to balance community and economic needs with conservation and sustainability of natural resources, including the incorporation of advanced water conservation strategies into our design services. To address your specific aquatic requirements, we assemble a unique team of experts with diverse technical skills to ensure your project receives comprehensive consideration of technical, social, economic and environmental aspects.

Marine and Ocean Sciences

We possess extensive and varied marine species survey and monitoring experience, including marine mammals, coral, fish, invertebrates, and other marine life. We have managed and participated in data collection efforts in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Arctic. We specialize in addressing climate change and resiliency in coastal areas, impacts on natural and built ecosystems, and adaptation strategies for sea level rise and habitat restoration.

Monitoring and Compliance

Monitoring compliance is essential to the success of an environmental management program. We work with our clients to understand and comply with environmental obligations. From construction monitoring and site inspections to full environmental protection plans, our environmental compliance services enable you to meet project deadlines while adhering to the regulatory requirements associated with your project.

Natural Resources

We provide integrated natural resources management services to private and public sector clients. Our biologists and ecologists have experience throughout the United States conducting all types of plant and animal surveys, habitat surveys, biological assessments and monitoring. Our experts have specialized training and a thorough knowledge of regional threatened and endangered species and ecosystem characteristics.

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

We navigate the environmental permitting maze with a streamlined approach. The strategic application of permitting expertise during project planning and design helps minimize coordination costs and schedule impacts. We have the proven ability to work and negotiate with agencies, such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard, National Marine Fisheries Service, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Water Quality Modeling

Water quality modeling provides a sound technical basis for evaluating existing conditions and estimating future conditions due to management alternatives. We provide a wide range of modeling services from hydrodynamic modeling for calculating water movement to eutrophication modeling for evaluating nutrient-related water quality issues. In addition to applying a wide variety of models, we also develop and maintain mathematical models used in water quality evaluations and permitting efforts.

We also have a open source software for the modeling community.
Water Quality Hydrodynamic Modeling Software

Reducing Environmental Impact

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through responsible practices to our clients, employee owners and communities.

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