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Commissioning & Operations

Our commissioning professionals specialize in bringing facilities to life.

By mitigating risk, we get buildings working reliably. We manage and validate the commissioning of building engineering services from the earliest design stages through to the completion of complex integrated test procedures

Our Approach

We address each step of the process through a thorough implementation of the five strategic stages in commissioning modern buildings. Supported by risk identification, lessons to be learned, and a comprehensive certification process; it provides a complete assessment of the status of commissioning, progress forecasting and what specific work is planned in the short term. Our approach provides a robust framework that supports forward looking, collaborative teamwork for all stakeholders.

Transparency and Control

Our web-based commissioning management system captures all commissioning activities in real time. Our unique approach addresses the twelve steps in the five strategic stages of commissioning and operating modern buildings. This is supported by project and operational risk identification and a comprehensive quality process.

Sustainable and Innovative Design

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of buildings over their entire life cycle. With our in-house combination of design and commissioning engineers, we are uniquely positioned to design and optimize the performance of building engineering services systems. Our pioneering sustainability and resiliency consultancy services provide innovative solutions to the challenges you face, developing and implementing strategies to meet environmental and governance goals.

The Art of Commissioning

Specialist commissioning is an art form and is essential for buildings to perform at their optimum; thus improving energy efficiency to drive down operational costs and help meet sustainability targets. Our talented teams help clients to maximize the efficiency of buildings through optimizing performance of plant and equipment. Well commissioned buildings provide a working environment to help enhance and support the wellbeing of people.

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Consulting-Specifying Engineer

Commissioning & Operations Services

Building Optimization

We help you maximize efficiency of your facilities by optimising performance of your plant and equipment. Our goal is to advise and then develop and implement a plan so that building systems are operating as required.

Commissioning Management

We manage the entire process of bringing building services systems to a fully operational condition in complete accordance specifications and operational requirements.

Commissioning Validation

We verify that by following best industry practices, the installations and their performance characteristics, operating and maintenance documentation and user training all align with the specifications and operational requirements. This provides you with confidence in accepting and operating the facility.

Diagnostic & Recovery

When systems in existing buildings do not work as intended we analyse why that is the case and to improve the situation develop a plan to optimise, re-commission or materially change the installation in order to meet the current operational requirements.

Environmental Accreditation

We help establish and document criteria for system function, performance, and maintainability to meet the accreditation you are trying to achieve.

Facility Assessment

Cost-effective facilities come from thorough research and planning. We start by exploring construction and renovation documents, maintenance reports and building systems information. After determining the current facility’s age, capacity and potential to be remodeled, we work with you to rank issues and build a preliminary design schedule. Our designers develop options to address your needs; the best of which will be reviewed by the construction team for cost estimation and constructability before a final decision is made.

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