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Design, Audit and Commissioning Services for the Financial Services Sector

Financial facilities provide occupants with a working environment where they can undertake critical business tasks in a space that enhances their user experience. The challenges of this sector are alleviated by the design of a workspace. A holistic design approach, in combination with integrating technology can improve safety, resilience and security. The use of smart technology is a driver in ensuring an enhanced user experience and maximizing efficiency of the buildings and its occupants. Working together towards a sustainable future, we can create a workplace that achieves and exceeds your sustainability and environmental, social and governance goals enhancing the health and well-being of your employees.

We understand that the resilience of building systems are critical to support these environments. We incorporate building information modeling simulations and data-driven design, to analyze facility and operational data. This in turn helps to customize and optimize design solutions specific to each project and client. Our design teams leverage available data to improve building energy performance and optimize sustainability.

Our multidisciplinary design teams ideate concepts, themes and options to prototype the design through visualizations, models and mock-ups. We test our designs to ensure we have the optimum solution to support our client’s business needs. We are able to offer support in relation to all aspects of a project from assisting at the acquisition stage through to post completion occupancy support. A true suite of multidisciplinary services are available to support our clients throughout their projects.

Banks and Trading Companies

We understand that attracting and retaining talent has never been more important in the banking, trading and investment world. Just as vital is maintaining the well-being of your people and the resilience of the building and mission-critical infrastructure that underpins your operations. We demonstrate added value through our holistic design approach in combination with harnessing smart technology to enhance user experience and maximize efficiency of both your building and its occupants. Our work on your new or existing facilities can improve safety, resilience and security. Our portfolio includes many high profile investment banks in financial hubs in major cities across the world.

Retail Banks

Retail banking has evolved significantly in the last decade with digitalization and a move online for many services. However we appreciate that physical branches still play an important role — albeit this role is changing. Through smart design and engineering, we help you adapt and upgrade existing branches as well as designing new forward thinking hybrid branches. We understand that the key to providing an excellent service to your retail banking customers is a seamless integration between physical branches and online services and this requires well planned, innovative technology solutions and infrastructure. Our experts have extensive experience in the retail banking sector and work with you to help create an omnichannel retail banking offering.

Insurance Companies

We have extensive experience in the design and engineering of financial services workplaces, including creating innovative and sustainable facilities for companies operating in the insurance industry. The productivity of your people depends on their well-being, and the environment within which they work can have a significant impact on this. We help you create spaces that are designed with the wellness of your staff at the center, so they can carry out their broking, underwriting and risk management work in a building that incorporates the latest smart technology, natural light, thermal solutions and wellness facilities.

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Financial Services Sector Focused Facility Design

Financial Services Workplaces

  • Headquarters and Regional offices

Trading Floor

  • Trading floor design and refurbishment

Plant & Infrastructure

  • Refurbishment and upgrade projects in live critical banking environments

Retail Banking

  • Retail banking branches roll out projects, new build and refurbishment

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