City Kingston Central Branch Library Renovation


Accessible Libraries for All Ages

21st-century libraries are more than a home for books — they’re welcoming, innovative and adaptable spaces that connect people, promote lifelong learning, boost digital discovery, and foster creativity.

Library Design for Your Community

Whether modernizing an existing library with updates and additions, honoring local history with indigenous and cultural influence, or creating a sustainable community hub from the ground up, our designers utilize an inclusive, interactive process to ensure libraries serve their communities.

Wellness-Centered Amenities for Everyone

Kid and teen zones, computer labs and laptop bars, multipurpose and meeting rooms, active and quiet study zones, and pedestrian-friendly outdoor spaces can be explored in wellness-centered library design. By understanding a community’s unique needs, we identify the most necessary and meaningful spaces and experiences and integrate them into a holistic design solution.

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Torrey Sims
Civic Strategic Sector Manager
Torrey Sims