Interior of Reception at Langley Hotel.


Creating Seamless, Integrated and Holistic Guest Experiences

Guest experience is at the heart of our design and engineering solutions. You can expect from us — what your guests expect from you — a seamless, integrated and holistic service.

Our multidisciplinary team partners with you to craft meaningful and memorable experiences. Our approach weaves thoughtful user interactions executed across multiple integrated channels with a variety of technological, operational and spatial considerations. 

We help you create tailored ambience with both your front and back of house areas in mind, through thoughtfully designed architecture, lighting, sound, temperature and interior design, with a focus on the connectivity of systems within your hotel and the wider internet of things.

We appreciate that running a hotel is notoriously resource and energy intensive. From the first impression, to delivering and revamping the entire guest experience, operations consume high quantities of resources. Our experts work with you to build operational energy efficiency and sustainability into the design of your venue. Our sustainable design focuses on getting the right balance between form and function, maximizing operational efficiency while delivering outstanding experiences for your guests.

Our experts can help you deliver outstanding:

  • Resort hotels
  • Aparthotels
  • Conference/event hotels
  • Boutique hotels

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Matthew Voaden
Hotel, Leisure & Entertainment Director
Matthew Voaden