Right of Way-Roadway

Right of Way

Right of way and real estate are fundamental components of infrastructure development.

We provide comprehensive services for transportation, power and energy, and water projects throughout North America.

As part of integrated, multidiscipline project teams or standalone right of way projects, our 200-plus right of way professionals provide custom solutions to acquire, manage and transfer the land rights our clients need for building and maintaining infrastructure in compliance with jurisdictional and regulatory requirements.

Right of Way Services

Project Management and Alternative Delivery

  • Acquisition Strategies 
  • Data Management Solutions including HDR’s OneView 
  • Title, Land Survey and Appraisal Subconsultant Management 


  • Alternative Analysis Reports for NEPA and FERC Licensing 
  • Jurisdictional and Regulatory Permitting 
  • Land Rights Review 
  • Public Outreach and Engagement 
  • Railroad, Utility and Highway Crossing Permits 
  • Real Estate Cost Estimating 
  • Relocation Plans 
  • Site and Alignment Analysis 
  • Siting and Routing 
  • Title Review and Title Clearing 
  • Utility Coordination 
  • Zoning and Land Use Review 

Valuation and Appraisals

  • Appraisals and Appraisal Reviews 
  • Broker Non-Complex Property Valuation Waivers 
  • Certified Review Appraisal Service by Licensed Appraiser 
  • Land Valuation 
  • Market Analysis 

Negotiation and Acquisition

  • Appraisals 
  • Closing Coordination 
  • Condemnation Support 
  • Fee Purchase 
  • Permanent and Temporary Easements
  • Rights of Entry 
  • Title Clearing 
  • Total Take Acquisitions 


  • Encroachments 
  • Residential and Business 
  • Utilities 


  • Audit Compliance 
  • Construction Liaison 
  • Land Rights Asset Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Property Management 
  • Right of Way Certification 
  • Relocation Plans 
  • Restoration and Damage Settlements 

OneView | Right of Way

Management of right of way projects requires the ability to efficiently store, access, and present large volumes of data. OneView | Right of Way is a user-friendly, web-based application developed by our right of way professionals and database developers to track right of way milestones, record landowner communications, and manage documents. The integrated mapping offers data visualization and an at-a-glance view of project parcel statuses, parcel identification, and quick search tools.  

OneView | Right of Way functions as a standalone module or as part of an integrated program management solution.