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Higher Education

Higher Education Architecture for the Future of Academia

We thrive on designing educational spaces that adapt to the paradigm shifts our clients are facing. Gone are conventional rules about when, where and how learning happens. Technology-driven, student-centered solutions have taken their place. Team-based learning and project-based learning have become the new normal. Academic institutions across the country are trying to keep up, while remaining true to their mission. We see the design of 21st century academic campuses and learning environments as a pivotal opportunity to respond to this changing educational landscape.

From Classroom to Campus to Community

We help make academic visions come to life through strategic facilities planning, the design of new classroom and laboratory buildings and renovations that modernize facilities. We work with diverse campus communities of many sizes, scales and cultures, including community and technical colleges, private institutions, regional comprehensive universities, flagship universities and Ivy League campuses. We first look to understand how the relationships between spaces foster community and teaching and learning goals. We then partner with our clients to develop responsive and inspiring design solutions that are fully integrated with the fabric of the campus and community.  

Full Spectrum of Services from Higher Education Experts

Our team has a broad and deep background in higher education. It includes former teachers and scientists, architects and designers, economists and analysts. Many of our team members have dedicated their entire careers to understanding best practices and envisioning the future of higher education. Our diverse skill sets and backgrounds allow us to work alongside of institutions through each step of their capital planning journey — from an initial planning study to a master plan for the future to the realization of transformative new building on campus.