Linemen assemble a 500kV steel lattice tower with the aid of a crane


Technology Accelerates the Rise of Low-Carbon Energy in Communities Worldwide

Utilities are at the center of a fundamental shift. New technology and ambitious regulations are redefining the future of electrification with a sharp focus on sustainability and resilience.

Our planning and engineering design solutions advance development of the infrastructure that serves as the backbone of beneficial electrification. Our team is led by industry-recognized experts who seamlessly collaborate on some of the most complex electrification projects underway.

More than a gigawatt of solar of solar power has come to life over our decade-long partnership with one of America's largest independent solar power producers. We’re adding reliability and increasing load capacity with 1,000 miles of new high voltage lines at one of the largest transmission projects in the U.S.

As the world works towards a modernized grid with low carbon emissions, we’re helping clients confidently step forward into the future. 

Achieve Ambitious GHG Reduction Goals

We've tapped some of today's sharpest minds to address our clients' bold greenhouse gas emissions goals in a highly collaborative environment. Together, we're working on impactful projects that lower GHG emissions and accomplish business goals.