Energy Gateway Transmission Expansion Program

Transmission line towers in front of mountains

Energy Gateway Transmission Expansion Program

Supporting 2 of the US's Largest Transmission Line Builds

Growing power demand and integration of renewable generation have pushed the aging transmission system owned by PacifiCorp to full capacity during peak demand. The Energy Gateway Transmission Expansion Program aims to build and operate more than 2,300 miles of new high-voltage transmission lines in four phases across the Western United States to increase capacity, reliability and connect clean energy generation to population centers. The initiative is one of the largest transmission projects underway in the U.S. 

We have served as a trusted subcontractor to Quanta Infrastructure Solutions Group, the contractor performing procurement and construction services on multiple sections of the program, including Gateway West (Aeolus to Jim Bridger) and Gateway South. These phases include about 600 miles of high-voltage transmission lines spanning multiple states such as Wyoming, Colorado and Utah — geographically complex and largely remote areas. 

Our overarching role is compliance program management, supporting the client across multiple phases of the project with our large and diverse network of technical, environmental and project management professionals. Because we have multiple touchpoints with the project, our team deeply understands the nuances and larger picture, helping the client achieve their construction timelines and budget goals.  

As a part of our compliance program management role, we've provided: 

  • Environmental Permitting. Securing necessary environmental permits and rights of way to meet construction milestones and deadlines, navigating jurisdictions several different states, counties and tribal lands. 
  • Preconstruction Surveys & Monitoring. Preconstruction environmental surveys for cultural, paleontological, and biological resources, including migratory birds and rare plant species, and construction monitoring to support the requirements of the Plan of Development.
  • Field Services and Resource Monitoring. Employing and overseeing a large team of diverse technical staff, including inspectors, biologists, ecologists, archeologists, and paleontologists, and finding logistical and communication solutions for working in increasingly remote areas of construction. 
  • Construction Sequencing. Working closely with QISG, PacifiCorp and others to mitigate environmental constraints and increase construction efficiency via construction sequencing and the development of environmental variance requests.
  • Data Management: Managing geospatial data for all field and office staff, making it available for mobile devices on-site. 
  • Access Road Engineering. Finalizing design of the access road network via constructability and environmental reviews.
  • Monitoring by Native Americans. Coordinating and facilitating monitoring of construction activities by members of Native American tribes located in the region.
  • Rights of Way (Gateway West). Liaising with landowners, the Bureau of Land Management, and local and state regulators to help the project proceed smoothly despite extensive spatial constraints from sage grouse habitat, raptor nests, ungulate winter ranges and other protected wildlife habitat.

With safety and quality guiding our work, we look forward to supporting PacifiCorp, our teaming partners, local and state agencies, landowners, and numerous other stakeholders as additional segments of the Energy Transmission Expansion Program are developed.

Transmission line towers in front of mountains
Quanta Infrastructure Solutions Group

Wyoming, Colorado and Utah,
United States