Project Delivery, HDR

Project Delivery

We seek creative ways to meet your specific needs. While budget, schedule and quality remain constant, we delve deeper to determine the right delivery method.

We are a reliable partner that understands each unique delivery method and how to help you implement the most appropriate one.

And we know the variations of these methods: finance-design-build (turnkey), finance-design-build-leaseback (development), finance-design-build-sellback (development), finance-design-build-operate (privatization), sale-leaseback (user develops and sells to other for leasing back to them), and program management at risk (PM @ Risk).

Each option has strengths and weaknesses. We not only take advantage of strong points but also limit and/or prepare for potential barriers to success. With a clear understanding of project drivers, we examine the best tools and approach to:

  • Expedite project completion
  • Improve project cost management
  • Reduce risks and disputes
  • Enhance team coordination and innovation
  • Increase project quality

Project Delivery Services

Construction Administration & Management

Our construction management teams have numerous resources and tools available to manage your project effectively. Critical path method scheduling experts, current cost-estimating data, and web-based document control systems are employed to monitor the timely delivery of a quality project while minimizing risk. We understand the operational needs to deliver your finished project.

Construction Engineering & Inspection

Our skilled, professional construction engineering and inspection staff members are your on-site representatives. We provide superior leadership to mitigate your risk and meet your project goals. As your "eyes and ears", our staff members diligently work toward completing assigned projects in strict accordance with approved contract documents.

Construction Management at Risk

We provide a range of advisory, design and/or construction services for construction management at risk. With CMAR, the client engages a contractor during the design phase to assist in preconstruction phase services. These services include value analyses, constructability reviews, preparation of early-out construction packages, and procurement of long-lead equipment items. At a predefined point during the design phase, the contractor will develop a guaranteed maximum price for project completion. The contractor is at-risk for performing the work within the limits of the GMP.

Data Acquisition

Our professionals use the latest technologies in aerial, marine and land settings. We offer unmanned aerial system (e.g., drone) capabilities in-house, and we leverage partnerships with key service providers. In addition to drones, we’re proficient in light detection and ranging. Lidar technology enables fast, detailed surveys. Additional technologies include geophysics, geomatics/handheld GPS, hydrographic survey, satellite image processing, non-destructive testing, artificial intelligence, and reality mesh. We capture data over large areas, like transportation and utility corridors, and within building systems. The results: high-definition imagery and unique 3D models that increase your efficiency.


Many of our clients use design-build delivery for project synergy. This method combines design and construction into a single contract for one point of responsibility — often resulting in time and cost savings. We have vast experience as the lead designer on design-build projects.

Emergency Response

We understand your assets and the role they play in our communities. You’ll have a high level of confidence working with us. Through emergency response, we provide a set of actions to assess damages and restore critical functionality. We work to quickly restore important assets; protect community health, safety and welfare; and prevent further damage.

General Engineering Consultant

As a GEC, we offer you quick access to professionals and expertise. Our GEC services include strategic, holistic support and oversight of programs. We manage concurrent projects, large teams, diverse disciplines and overlapping schedules to meet established budgets and deadlines.

Integrated Project Delivery

We have worked successfully on IPD teams for some of the world’s largest construction projects, aligning and harnessing the problem-solving skills of the entire design and construction delivery team to maximize efficiencies, eliminate waste and foster innovation, thus increasing value to the owner. We embrace this “project first” mentality where clients, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, fabricators and suppliers work in a collocated space to foster team collaboration and inclusion along with better and faster decision making.

Owner’s Representative

As owner’s representative, we act as an independent advocate, augmenting our client’s staff with subject matter experts dedicated to managing every task required to take a project from concept to startup. From overseeing complex contract negotiations to facilitating project financing and tightly managing the project schedule, scope, subcontractors, change orders and overall project controls, we help our clients realize significant reductions in cost and risk.


Our in-house procurement specialists understand the intricacies of construction. We work hand-in-hand with our design team and track procurement through our online management system and the project-specific Procurement Status Report. Office and field personnel track and create bid documents and requests for information, issue purchase orders and contracts, and monitor change orders. The final product reflects innovative design; safe, efficient construction; and competitive costs.

Progressive Design-Build

Under this delivery method, we serve as an advisor or part of the progressive design-build team. With progressive design-build, the client contracts with an integrated design-builder, who handles both the design and construction of the project. The design-builder collaborates with the client’s team to develop the design from the concept level to an advanced level of design completion. At a point in the design that is selected by the owner, the design-builder will establish a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for construction of the project.

Project Controls

Successful projects finish on time and within budget, and robust project controls tools and processes are essential to achieving results. Our project controls team focuses on all phases of the project life cycle, from initiation and planning, to execution, control and closeout. Our goal is to prevent, mitigate or correct problems before they happen.

Public-Private Partnership

We are a leader of projects delivered by P3s. Our collaborative approach and quality control procedures help us work with builders, operators, facility managers and client user groups to design projects that solve specific challenges without losing sight of the budget and schedule. We know that the right relationship is the one that best meets the needs of all the partners in the local context. We offer advisory expertise as well as a proven, proprietary P3|PMV process to effectively manage the range of P3 programs.

Risk Management

Cost overruns, scope and schedule slippage pose critical threats to the success of any project. We developed a set of support tools to identify and mitigate these risks and increase the likelihood of your project staying on schedule and within budget. Our successful method enables clients to achieve these objectives by providing an innovative and transparent approach to better manage their projects. With a well-defined management process, we help clients understand project risks and risk response strategies within a quantitative and probabilistic framework.

Staff Augmentation

We work side-by-side with you to staff your project. With thousands of people in hundreds of locations, we provide experienced professionals to complement your existing expertise, providing depth when you need it and meeting the unique demands of your project.

Visualization & Interactive Design

We use visualization + interactive design (V+ID) to illustrate technical solutions like never before. Services include aesthetic illustrations, animations, augmented reality, construction sequencing, interactive applications, photo simulations, renderings, stylized graphics, video production and virtual reality. These services provide you with project insights. Through V+ID, we aid your decision making and provide captivating public outreach material.

We Mitigate Construction Risk with Superior Leadership and Efficient Practices

Serving as your on-site representatives, our team of skilled, professional construction staff diligently work toward completing projects in strict accordance with approved contract documents. We provide owner support in the development and construction of standalone and multifaceted projects.