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Highways & Roads

Creating Value that Lasts

Improved safety, mobility and reliability create more efficient travel. These enhancements expand access for all and foster stronger communities. The result is more than just a way to travel between places. The result is a better quality of life. A well-planned, designed, constructed and managed roadway will do all of the above, sustainably, for years to come. 

A Tailored Approach

Demands on infrastructure are changing. During the next decade, those changes will continue to accelerate and tomorrow’s technology is already shaping trends. We partner with our clients to help them realize what’s possible with custom solutions backed by a thorough understanding of these trends. 

Alternative Delivery

Beyond technology, our depth of experience with alternative delivery and innovative finance adds another dimension to project customization. Our world-class design professionals and economists help clients evaluate each project’s total life cycle and identify funding options. Throughout the process, our award-winning public involvement teams help keep communities informed while developing vital stakeholder support.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including:

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