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Spanning the Industry

We have a passion for all types of bridges. With no allegiance to any single aesthetic or approach, our expert designers craft context-sensitive, unique solutions by listening to our clients to determine what’s best in each situation and each community. Our global experience includes more than five decades of industry-leading research and work on steel girder bridges, and encompasses design and renovation of movable and complex bridges, major river crossings, historical bridges and interchanges. We also offer planning, design and construction services for structures at airports, heavy rail and transit.   

Planning for Tomorrow

No matter the complexity or challenge, our approach to designing smart provides superior custom-fit results. Our bridge specialists help clients reach their goals by crafting cutting edge solutions using the latest technologies including parametric modeling, BIM for infrastructure, structural health monitoring and intelligent transportation systems. Many of our bridges are designed for a 100-year service life, and sustainable, resilient features have become standard. Innovative solutions and intelligent infrastructure mean our clients’ and their constituents’ needs are met for the long run.

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Manuel F. Carballo
Global Bridges & Structures Director
Manuel Carballo
St. Croix Crossing bridge

Signature Bridge Success

There is nothing standard about a signature bridge, and it may seem daunting at first. Yet being uncomfortable can spark innovation. We have planned, designed and helped build numerous award-winning signature bridge assets. Explore our proven process.

Bridge Services

We offer every bridge-related service you can think of and a few you might not. 

Accelerated Bridge Construction

If the most important element for you is speed of construction in the field, we can figure out how to replace your bridges very quickly, perhaps in as little as a weekend.

Alternative Delivery

Meeting unique client needs often requires creative project delivery methods. Our bridge teams have partnered with clients to complete more than 50 design-build projects. We’ve served as program managers, managing both costs and risks in a results-oriented environment, used construction management/general contractor delivery methods, developed public-private partnerships and more — all in an effort to find the best approach to ensure success. 

Asset Management/Load Rating

We conduct studies that measure the structural response of a bridge under a variety of load conditions to determine its structural integrity. This provides data to make informed decisions about asset management.

BIM for Bridges and Structures

We're at the forefront of BIM for Bridges and Structures, harnessing information at its origin to drive decisions, create better visualizations and improve communication between designers and contractors.

Bridge Inspection

Our experienced engineer/inspectors maintain certifications and qualifications to inspect and evaluate all types of bridges and tunnels as required by the Federal Highway Administration. Our staff is comprised of National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS)-certified Team Leaders, National Certified Tunnel Inspectors (NCTI) Team Leaders in accordance with the National Tunnel Inspection Standards (NTIS), Fracture Critical Member (FCM)-certified Team Leaders, Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT)-certified inspectors (Levels I, II and III), and American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)-certified NDT Technicians (Levels 1 and 3). We continue to manage numerous bridge and tunnel inspection contracts for clients across the country, helping to maintain safe infrastructure for the traveling public.

Bridge Preservation

Our clients face significant challenges in addressing the needs of their aging infrastructure, including how to cost effectively preserve and maintain their bridges to support overall highway mobility. From repairing to retrofitting, we develop innovative designs and approaches for long-term preservation, and we assist our clients in making informed decisions in establishing infrastructure resiliency.

Context-Sensitive Bridge Architecture

Combining both art and science to bring form together with function, our bridge architects partner with our designers and our clients to develop and deliver solutions that achieve the community's vision. 

Parametric Design

Using advanced 3D modeling, our engineers and architects can quickly develop multiple design concepts that meet specified needs and adapt designs quickly when modifications are needed. 

Seismic Retrofit

In regions where earthquakes are a concern, owners can modify existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion or soil failure that can accompany earthquakes. We've led seismic retrofits of simple-span to long-span bridges, including some of the most recognizable in the U.S.

Transit Bridges

Different modes of transit have different bridge needs. We've designed client-driven solutions for pedestrians, streetcars, light rail, buses and more.

Meet Our People

Manuel Carballo
Global Bridges & Structures Director
Brian Leshko
Bridges and Structures Inspection Program Lead
Domenic Coletti
Principal Bridge Engineer
Rob Richardson
Bridges & Structures Director of Operations
Tammy Heffron
Bridges & Structures Strategic Growth Director

Award-Winning Bridge Design

acec grand conceptor award

Our bridge designs have won three ACEC Grand Conceptor Awards, given annually to the nation’s best overall engineering project. 

  • The Bayonne Bridge Navigational Project connecting New York and New Jersey raised the clearance under the bridge by raising the roadway within the existing arch span, a complex solution never before attempted. 
  • The SR 520 bridge, the world's longest floating bridge, enables multiple modes of transportation to simultaneously cross Washington state's second-largest natural lake.
  • And the Mike O'Callghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, built to improve safety around the Hoover Dam, is the world's highest concrete arch bridge and the widest concrete arch in the Western Hemisphere.
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We're always looking for talented bridge designers and engineers to join our award-winning team.