Hockey stadium with a full crowd in the bleachers

Sports & Recreation

Sports & Recreation Facilities That Bring Communities Together

Sports and recreation facilities have the power to bring people together. Whether it be crafting the ultimate athlete and spectator experience or providing lasting economic and social benefits, the design of these facilities — from large stadiums and arenas to smaller recreation centers — is pivotal in building a vibrant community. By fostering engagement and pride, these projects enhance the quality of life for residents, students and visitors.

Winning With the Right Team

People come first in our culture of accountability — we hold ourselves responsible for promoting trust, teamwork and transparency. Our global expertise is delivered at the regional and local level by teams that include architects, engineers, strategists, designers and data scientists. Computational design tools allow HDR to practice both creativity and precision, while a culture of collaboration motivates us to provide designs that excite and inspire. As the sports and recreation business continues to adapt to a rapidly changing market, our team is committed to delivering upon the aspirations of both our clients and the communities we serve.

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Andrew Elmer