Rodney Cook Senior Park playground

Parks, Plazas & Streetscapes

Connecting People to Nature

Human beings have dual needs for social interaction and connection to nature. To satisfy this socio-natural existence, we work with communities and developments of all sizes to create successful places that span the recreational opportunity spectrum. Through our integrated and holistic placemaking approach, we design experiences ranging from an important respite from urban life to a walkable, pedestrian-scaled city street that connects home to office.

The best outdoor places incorporate community and environmental needs in the planning and design process. We collaborate with public officials, developers, private citizens and stakeholders to advocate for thoughtfully programmed and designed public open space. We utilize digital technology and data gathering techniques to guide the development of sustainable and resilient public places. Our role is to enhance the user experience while addressing environmental and social concerns related to the equitable distribution of public open space, mobility, stormwater management, pollution and climate change.

Our sustainable parks, plazas and streetscapes are healthy, durable landscapes where both culture and nature are mutually supportive, enabling growth and adaptation over time. We couple the functional needs of a space with unique and meaningful design interventions to activate spaces that invite people to play, interact and enjoy.

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