Data Center Design for all Industries

The processing and storage of data accounts for three percent of the world’s energy consumption, and it’s growing exponentially. Data has become a foundational building block in almost every industry. Advancements such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are only increasing its relevance. As a result, data center operation and investment has expanded, with organizations in IT, healthcare, finance, research and development, higher education, and beyond in need of flexible, energy-efficient solutions. At HDR, we are committed to efficient, secure and sustainable data center design. From small edge computing centers to enterprise facilities to hyperscale campuses, we help companies of all sizes develop modular, scalable solutions that help them prepare for an unknown future.

Unmatched Expertise in Mission Critical Facilities

Our experts have spent their entire careers focused on the design, construction and operation of mission critical facilities. We have successfully designed dozens of mission critical facilities throughout the U.S. and overseas for a variety of public and private clients. We are widely recognized for our ability to design and execute buildings that are highly technical and operate with advanced building systems. Security protocols and document controls are in place to handle and safeguard the most sensitive materials to protect the integrity of the security levels required by a given project.

Solutions that Prioritize Cyber security, Sustainability and Civic Responsibility

Our services go beyond architecture and engineering to offer complete strategies for IT and Big Data, including infrastructure that supports cyber security, energy management and commissioning. Our mission critical facilities portfolio includes the first data center powered by fuel cells; simultaneous delivery of multiple data centers nationwide; and command centers featuring highly secure C4I systems. Realizing the growing presence these facilities have in society, we also look for opportunities to weave them into the economic and social fabric of communities. For example, our award-winning conceptual design for Kolos Data Center stretches the imagination of what data center design can do for the industry and the communities in which they reside.

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