Inspired Design to Transform an Industry

Storing data accounts for three percent of the world’s energy consumption, and it’s growing exponentially. Designing data centres that are efficient and environmentally responsible is a challenge, but one that we relish. By rethinking the standard approach, we can make a profound difference in the health of our planet. As we move away from the cumbersome “big box” design to modular and scalable components, we are discovering new ways to integrate a centre into its community to become an economic and social hub. It’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of architecture that fuses technology with people and place.

Robust Solutions for Secure Process and Operations

The sheer quantity of data generated everyday requires robust solutions for complex and secure processes and operations. Our data centre work includes the first data centre powered by fuel cells; simultaneous delivery of multiple data centres nationwide; and command centres featuring highly secure C4I systems. Our expertise goes beyond architecture and engineering to offer complete strategies for IT and Big Data, including cyber infrastructure, physical and technical security, energy management and commissioning.

Flexibility to Meet Diverse Needs

Data centre operators and investors need customized solutions that incorporate flexibility to adapt quickly to emerging technologies and disruptive innovations. The ability to seamlessly change the number or configuration of data halls can have a dramatic impact on overall cost and power usage. Utilizing tools such as modular design and infrastructure systems that can scale incrementally, we help companies develop custom solutions that allow them to excel in the moment while preparing for an unknown future.

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