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Designing for Impact and Human Dignity: Outcomes-Focused Justice Architecture

As leaders in justice design, we stand committed to advancing restorative justice architecture. Designing justice facilities is both an immense responsibility and an opportunity to rethink and improve every touchpoint within the system — using the design process to promote meaningful restorative justice and human dignity.

Restorative Justice Design

Our forward-thinking work can influence and will continue to improve treatment-focused corrections and detention design concepts. We lead the conversation in restorative, outcomes-focused justice design by applying critical concepts such as normative environments with abundant natural light; biophilic design principles; program spaces to promote rehabilitative program opportunities that reduce recidivism; welcoming family visitation areas designed to help lessen stress; and staff amenities to enhance employee wellness. These design interventions can positively transform the lives of those within the facility, their families and communities, as well as staff.

Additional key elements of restorative, outcomes-focused justice architecture:

  • Empowering, educating and providing individuals with the training, skills development, proven interventions and resources required for a successful transition and re-entry into their community.
  • Focusing on pro-social behaviours and design that is conducive to professionals treating trauma.
  • Evidence-based practices focused on humane conditions, safety and preservation of human dignity.

Leveraging the Continuum of Care to Improve Outcomes

Ninety-five percent of incarcerated individuals eventually resume their lives in the community. Their successful reintegration depends on innovative programs grounded in treatment, healing and evidence-based solutions. We bring together critical stakeholders, program providers and community partners to identify opportunities for the integration of vital programs that reduce recidivism.

Integrating Mental & Behavioural Health Treatment

We’ve designed two of the three correctional health facilities recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice as exemplary, setting a new, higher standard for access to care for incarcerated populations. With expertise across a wide spectrum of facilities and rehabilitation centres, our justice design and healthcare experts are committed to doing everything to help our clients provide superior care for their populations’ challenging medical, mental and behavioural health issues.

Making Justice Accessible in Courthouse Design

As significant civic icons, courthouses and government centres are essential to the health of democracy and the delivery of justice. Our courthouse designs are sensitive to the past, present and future of the site and context, respecting history and culture but recognizing that we have a responsibility to make all members of the community feel equal when they come to seek justice. We work with each of our clients and community members to make places where important life-changing decisions can be made in daylit spaces and where justice is made visible to the public. Each design is unique to its context, but all express a shared vision of a better future: one where courthouses will contribute to the ongoing vitality of the community.