Translational Health Sciences

Translational Health Sciences

It takes 15 years to transform a discovery into an approved therapy; it takes another 15 years to make it a routine clinical practice. Our goal is to accelerate this process by removing organizational, cultural and physical barriers. When people come together, connections are made — among people, departments, ideas, and space — that lead to innovation.

Supporting Creativity & Collaboration

For the past decade, we’ve worked with top medical and academic institutions to capture a new vision for translational health science. Through extensive in-house research, including post-occupancy evaluations and convening international colloquia, we’re applying what we’ve learned to accelerate the scientific process from discovery to cure.

We create environments that go beyond the simple “bench to bedside” model. These second generation translational health science facilities fully integrate diverse and multi-generational teams and set new ground rules for engagement. They include new adjacencies, new technologies and new work settings that support robust creativity and collaboration.

Connectivity at All Scales

The integration inherent in successful translation requires a new way of thinking about connections at many levels: workplace, building, network and campus. We work with clients to rethink their strategies for connectivity to sustain the convergent behaviors that foster knowledge transfer and transformational change at all scales.

We Celebrate These Numbers
International Translational Colloquia
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