University of Maryland Physical Sciences Complex

Physical Sciences

First-of-Kind Controlled Environments for Research

Physical science and engineering research leads to ground-breaking processes and products in health, materials, energy, water and national security. Many of these require specialized environments for nano-sciences and nano-engineering. These spaces support sensitive equipment used to develop atomic-scale solutions to real-world challenges. We work alongside private and public sector institutions to design and plan first-of-kind controlled research environments.

Scientific Productivity through Great Design

Physical science facilities must often meet the highest levels of temperature and humidity control. They also need to reduce exposure to vibration and provide shielding from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Our lab planning and design experts understand these criteria are essential to optimizing scientific productivity. At the same time, we realize that organizations have additional priorities. Some are focused on fostering better academic-industry partnerships; others are looking to enhance interdisciplinary relationships and sustainability. Our portfolio includes several highly-specialized projects with some of the most complex and unique requirements in the world.