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Power Generation

Tackling Your Complex Power Generation Projects 

We work alongside global power companies to meet planning, regulatory compliance, design, construction, asset management and decommissioning needs. Regardless of your plant’s generation source — hydropower, solar power, thermal power, wind power, natural gas or nuclear power — our experts can help take the guesswork out of your power generation project. 

Meeting Your Carbon Reduction, Regulatory Compliance and Energy Resiliency Goals

Looking to meet your goals for low carbon or carbon-free electricity by diversifying your generation portfolio? Are you navigating environmental or regulatory requirements? We can help. 

From owner’s engineer to technology selection to plant modifications or upgrades and decommissioning, we have a legacy of helping plan, design, build and operate efficient, economical power plants. By combining modeling tools with our design expertise, we work with you to uncover the right option. The result: a project that uses the latest technologies to meet your goals while controlling risk, cost and schedule.