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Inspired Design that Improves Life

Good design responds to human behaviour. When it comes to research environments, good design supports life-changing work. It helps scientists discover cures. It provides the right condition for creating new sources of energy. It improves public health. We design facilities and specialized environments that enable discovery and attract and retain coveted researchers.

Global Expertise in Laboratory Design

Our team works together to develop solutions for laboratories and scientific workplaces. We pair scientific expertise with technical rigor and creativity. Our work crosses sectors, geographical boundaries and scientific disciplines.

Solutions That Advance Better Science

Better science is the driving force behind all we do. We are not afraid to explore and challenge long-held beliefs and assumptions. We’ve designed a lab for the next-generation scientist. We've taken containment facilities out of the box. We've imagined a laboratory that achieves carbon neutrality. And we’re excited for what’s next.

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Kim Gosteli
National Director of Business Development, Canada
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