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Research Facilities That Advance Better Science

The root of all good design is an understanding of human behaviour and how the physical environment can affect these behaviours. At HDR, we create sustainable facilities in which world-class scientists can discover cures for diseases, create new sources of clean energy, protect our resources and improve public health — enriching lives around the world. We are not afraid to explore and challenge long-held beliefs and assumptions. This reflects our on-going commitment to partnering with our clients to create spaces that solve the world’s great challenges for sustainable life: health, safety, food, water, and energy.

Global Expertise in Lab Design and Planning

Our team works together to develop award-winning solutions for research facilities and scientific workplaces. We pair scientific expertise with technical rigour and creativity. Our work crosses industries, geographical boundaries and scientific disciplines. Our deep bench of lab design architects and lab planners are among the best in the world at their craft. They partner with our interior designers, engineers, sustainability consultants, data analysts, and many others to create best in class research environments.  

Top-Ranked Science and Technology Architecture 

HDR has consistently ranked No. 1 in Science and Technology architecture in Building Design and Construction’s annual Giants report. Our lab design projects have won numerous design awards, including 10 of R&D Magazine’s Lab of the Year awards. We’ve designed a lab for the next-generation scientist. We've taken containment facilities out of the box. We've imagined a laboratory that achieves carbon neutrality. And we’re excited for what’s next.

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The Numbers Speak
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