exterior view of wyoming state capitol building at dusk


As significant civic icons, courthouses and government centers are essential to the health of public administration. Each design is unique to its context, but all express a shared vision of a better future and contribute to the ongoing vitality of the community. Our designs are sensitive to the site’s past, present and future, respecting history and culture but recognizing that we have a responsibility to ensure that all members of the community are welcome.

Courthouses have significant architectural presence and engage in the civic dialog of their community. Recognizing that important, life-changing decisions are made in these spaces, we work with each of our clients and the larger community to create healthy, daylit spaces where justice is made visible to the public. We consider public, private and secure pathways and interior and exterior connections to create inviting, safe, and active sites. We understand the intricacies of implementing the correct security measures while strengthening the urban fabric through publicly accessible landscapes, plazas and streetscapes.

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Torrey Sims